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Dr. Philip Lauck, son of Simon Lauck, was born in Winchester, VA and moved to Meigs County, Ohio by 1812. The Lauck family has many books and records documenting this family in the Revoluntary War,  Red Lion Inn in Winchester, Virginia and the building during the very early years of our country.
Dryer-Lauck-Payne-Scott, Going Home, pub 1991
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Elizabeth Boyer Lauck Amsden 
Daughter of Dr. Philip Lauck
Elizabeth BOYER LAUCK 
Dr. Philip Lauck's home in Portland, Meigs County, Ohio 1990
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Bruce Abel for sharing these photos with me.   BIG THANKS BRUCE!

1.  Simon LAUCK, was born in 1760 in  PA and died  in 1815 Frederick Co., Virginia, at age 55.  Simon married Catherine STARR or could be STOEHR, STARER about 1782.  Catherine was born in 1766 in Lebanon Twp. Lancaster Co., PA and died in 1843 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, at age 77.

There has been much discussion about the father of the Lauck brothers but none have proved out so far.  The search goes on into Lauck families that were in PA and on to Winchester, VA.

Nov 1990- I received information from Rose Frazier Bowery concerning her Lauck genealogy.  In her notes was the following information.   "Simon and Catherine Lauck came from Germany and settled in Winchester, VA. Catherine Lauck' great grandson, Simon Lauck Boyer, said he remembered hearing his father and mother saying that Catherine Lauck was an old German Methodist.  At prayer meetings when called on to pray, she would generally start in English, but because she could not use the English very well, she would change over to German and end her prayer in German."  Catherine nor the 3 brothers were born in Germany but it is believed that the fathers were the immigrants from Germany.

Simon Lauck was found in Lebanon Twp., Dauphin Co., PA in 1784 where John Philip Beck had already set up a gunsmithing shop in Lancaster County, John Philip was a well known gunsmith of Pennsylvania.  Simon returned to Winchester, Virginia and opened his own business of gunsmithing.  For pictures of Simon and photos of his Flint Lock rifles and pistols. Click 

The first land indenture for him in Winchester is dated  16 Apr 1796, ½ of lot no. 16 on Braddock Street, bounded on the South by Cecil Street.  Sold by Mary Wood of Winchester for £12.   Simon came to Winchester before 1787 when his only daughter, Elizabeth was born .

I see many researchers stating that Simon served in Lord Dunmore's War and the source being "from biography on son, Philip". I am unable to locate any such source or even a biography of the son Philip.

Simon is also listed as severing in the Revolutionary War in Morgan's Riflemen. Simon would have been around 15 that this time but that does not mean he did not serve.  The military was taking 10 year old as Fife and Drummer boys, usually if their fathers were also severing.   I believe Simon was on the march with the Virginia Riflemen and may have started on the the march.  From history we know that men were injured and would be sent home before arriving at Quebec.  Some would need help and this is where the youngest would assist the injured heading home.  We do know from records from Daniel Morgan that Simon was not on the list as being captured in Quebec and was not listed on the return at home.  The famous "Dutch Mess" was from Simon's brother, Peter Lauck that was captured on Dec 31, his birthday, and was held for one year.  Every year after that Peter and the men he knew on the trek to Quebec would get together at Peter's Red Lion Inn in Winchester, VA and celebrate. They became known as the "Dutch Mess".  This is also sourced as being "(from biography on son, Philip)" and as stated above I have not been able to locate this source.   Simion Lauck returned to Winchester where he was said to be an interpreter for the Hessian prisoners held in Winchester.

Simon was buried at Mt. Hebron & Old German Reform Cemetery. Records show is Plot 519.  Peter is laid next to him.  They both have markers showing they were in the Rev. War.  

The records of the Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, April 2, 1796, show Simon Lauck insuring his four buildings on Loudoun and Clifford Streets, Winchester, Virginia.  He notes they are occupied by him and others.  Two are dwellings and two are stables.  There are numerous other property transfers to Lauck in Winchester up until his death, however, the above are the only ones insured. He must had his gun business and worked in one of the buildings insured that was on his property.

First Generation
Simon Lauck Photos 
Three brothers Peter, Simon, and Abraham Lauck were sons of the immigrant.  This page is about Simon that was born  1760 in PA.  Later Simon and Peter leaving Winchester July 14, 1775 with Daniel Morgan's Company on their famous march to Cambridge, Mass.  to join Daniel Morgan Unit in General Washington's forces.  They called themselves "The Dutch Mess", though not all 96 were of Dutch (German) parentage.  From Boston they made the illfated march to Quebec and was held captive for one year. Peter was captured, when he  returned a year later, they celebrated this event of January 1, 1776, every year at Peter's Red Lion Inn in Winchester.  
Peter Lauck was the oldest of the 3 brothers, he has his own page. Click link on the left.
Simon Lauck
Catherine Starr
Peter Lauck
2.  Rev. Simon LAUCK was born 1 May 1783 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, was christened as a Methodist Minister, and 
died 5 Dec 1864 in Virginia. Simon married Mary SENSENY 26 Oct 1803 in Frederick  Co., Virginia. 

       10 M  i. John Wesley LAUCK born 18 Jul 1804 in Virginia and died 22 Jul 1804 in Virginia. 
    + 11 M   ii. Alford LAUCK was born 1 Jan 1806 in Virginia. Alford married Josephine FLAG. 

 Simon next married Mary BECK, daughter of John BECK and Rebecca MILLER, 24 Jan 1811
 in Virginia. Mary was born 9 Sep 1786, died 23 Sep 1843 in West Liberty, West Virginia,
and was buried on John Beck Farm, West Liberty, West Virginia.

       12 M   i. Richard Whatcoat LAUCK was born 24 Jan 1812 in Virginia and died 18 Aug 1892. Richard married Julia WILSON. 
       13 M  ii. John Beck LAUCK was born 17 Jan 1814 in Virginia and died 16 Jun 1892. John married Louisa MOORE. 
       14 M iii. William Fletcher LAUCK was born 30 Aug 1816 in Brooke, Virginia and died 21 Jan 1894 in Beaver, Pennsylvania. William                                      married Sarah BENNEY. William next married Rebecca SWENAY. 
       15 F   iv. Rebecca C. LAUCK born 5 Dec 1818 Virginia, married Samuel Mc COLLOCK(H). 
       16 F   v. Emmaline B. LAUCK was born 27 Jul 1821 in Virginia and died 22 Dec 1885. Emmaline married John H. COUNSELMAN Jr.. 
       17 F  vi. Katherine Star LAUCK born 28 Nov 1823 Va, died 5 Jan 1912 Louisville, KY.  Katherine married Jesse B. Mc GEE. 
       18 F vii. Susan B. LAUCK was born 29 Apr 1826 in Virginia and died 3 Sep 1827. 
    + 19   viii. Simon Washington LAUCK Sr. born 14 Jun 1830 Va, died 3 Sep 1880 Glidden, Iowa. 
    + 20 M ix. Nathaniel M. LAUCK was born 12 Nov 1833 in Virginia. Nathaniel married Frances CARTMILL 5 Mar 1857 in Clark Co., Ohio. 

  Simon next married Mrs. Mary KNIGHT 10 Jan 1845 in Virginia. 

For more information on Rev. Simon Lauck click here.........
    + 21 M   i. Isaac Asbury LAUCK Methodist Minister was born 14 Feb 1809 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. Moved To Missouri                          1833died Jul 1863 Carroll County,  MO. Said to have died in a Rebel Raid. Isaac married Nancy Ann HALL 30 Dec 1830 in Meigs                          County, Ohio. Isaac next married Susan FARR 10 Feb 1846 in Carroll County, Missouri. *** For more on Isaac Lauck
    + 22 M  ii. Ezrael Grover LAUCK born 24 Sep 1810 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va.died after 1880 Wood Twp, Carroll Co, Missouri.  Ezrael                   married Rachel HALL 14 Oct 1834 in Meigs Co, Ohio. Ezrael next married Mrs. Addie SAMPSON 19 Sep 1878 Carroll Co, Mo. 
    + 23 M iii. Simon Madison LAUCK Sr. born 3 Dec 1812 Meigs Co, Ohio, died 14 May 1901 Carroll Co, MO, buried Big Creek Cem.,                           Bosworth, MO. Simon married Nancy DE WITT 27 Dec 1835  in Ohio. Simon next married Rematha LEEDS 25 Oct 1863 in Carroll                       Co, MO. Simon next married ---- UNKNOWN after 1883 in Missouri. 
 24     iv. Mary Ann LAUCK born 13 Sep 1814 Meigs Co, Ohio, died 23 Jan 1835, young of consumption, in Meigs County, Ohio, 
    + 25 F   v. Hannah Grover LAUCK was born 19 Sep 1817 in Portland, Meigs Co, Ohio and died 5 Oct 1854 in Portland, Lebanon Twp, Ohio.                       Hannah married Nicholas Sims RICHARDSON 22 Oct 1836 in , Meigs County, Ohio. 
    + 26 F  vi. Elizabeth Boyer (Haworth Line) LAUCK was born 11 Aug 1820 in Portland,Meigs County, Ohio, died 1 Aug 1898 in Portland,                             Meigs County, Ohio,and was buried in Lauck Cemetery, Portland, Ohio.  Elizabeth married James Flower AMSDEN 18 Aug 1836                           Meigs Co, Ohio.               
4.  Elizabeth LAUCK born 30 Aug 1787 Winchester, Frederick Co, Virginia, died in 1865. Elizabeth married Jacob BOYER, son of ?, 14 Apr        1805 in , Frederick Co, Virginia. Jacob, born 27 Dec 1782 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia and died 22 Jan 1836 in Virginia.

  27      i. Julia Ann BOYER. Julia married Mr. SCOTT. 
  28     ii. Josiah BOYER. Josiah married Marynine FOREST. 
  29    iii. Catherine BOYER. Catherine married Daniel STARTZMAN. 
  30    iv. Mary BOYER. Mary married Mr. FORCE. 
  31     v. Elizabeth BOYER. Elizabeth married Mr. CAMPBELL. 
  32    vi. Hezekiah BOYER died in Nebraska City, Nebraska. 
  33   vii. Jefferson BOYER. 
  34  viii. Morgan BOYER. 
  35    ix. William BOYER. 
  36     x. Jacob BOYER Jr. 
  37    xi. Simon BOYER was born 17 Aug 1823. Simon married Rebecca STOPE. 

5.  John LAUCK born 1790 Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia and died Dec 1826 in Winchester, Frederick Co, Virginia. John married                 Elizabeth CRUM, daughter of John Henry CRUM and MaryMagdalena, 30 Mar 1812 Frederick Co, Virginia. Elizabeth born in 1785.

    + 38 M  i. John H. LAUCK was born in 1818 and died 3 Jul 1876. John married Margaret (b. 1821) after 1839 in , Frederick County,                              Virginia. John next married Harriet Cornelia HATCHER (b. 29 Jan 1829, d. 22 Feb 1894) 2 Mar 1845 in Uniontown, Fultonham                      County, Ohio. 
       39 M    ii. Archibald LAUCK was born in 1820. 
       40 M   iii. Jacob LAUCK was born in 1822. 
       41 M    iv. Arthur LAUCK was born in 1826. 

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I, Simon Lauck, of the Town of Winchester, being sick in body but of a sound mind and memory, do make my last Will and Testament in the manner following:-

Item, I will and desire that my executors do in the first place pay all my just debts out of such property as they in their discretion may think best to dispose of for that purpose, but my out lots are to the first sold.

2nd, I give and devise to my beloved wife, Catherine, during her natural life, my lot on the west side of Braddock with the appurtenances and also the yearly rent of one hundred dollars, part of one thousand dollars which my son, John, is to pay out of the brick house and lot hereinafter devised to him, during her natural life, and if she should be in want of any of the principal she shall be at liberty to draw it so that it shall not exceed one hundred dollars a year.  I also give her one-third of all movable property and I direct that the small house on the lot given her shall be repaired and a cellar dug under it for her use and plastered.

3rd.  I give and devise to my son, John, the brick house and lot at the corner of Loudoun and Clifford Streets, being thirty-four feet on the back part of said lot and through to Frederick Kurtz lot, to him and his heirs, he paying to my estate on thousand dollars each, after which my executors are to make him a deed.

4th.  My will and desire is that after my youngest son arrives of age or sooner if they think proper, all my property both real and except the brick house, and the house and lot on Braddock Street, or such part there of as may be by them best to be sold by my executors, or after payment of my just debts and paying my daughter, Elizabeth, fifty dollars and my sons, Jacob and William three hundred dollars each, and John, and my daughter, Elizabeth, the proceeds and of all my other six children, Simon, Philip, Elizabeth, john, Jacob, and William, to them and their heirs forever, and when the property hereby devised to my wife shall devolve to my estate it shall be divided in the same manner.

5th.  I give and devise to my sons John, Jacob, and William each a set of bench tools bench and gunsmith's yo be taken by them as soon as after my decease as they choose, besides the $300.00 which Jacob and William are to have.  

6th. I do hereby appoint my brother Peter Lauck and friend Beatty Carson, Executors of this my last will and testament, do hereby revoking all other and former wills by me heretofore made, and I desire that they may not be required to give security's such, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal the 21st day of November, 1815.
Simon Lauck  (seal)

Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the testator as and for his last will in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other as witnesses.

Levi A. Wicken,  Abraham Lauck,  John Price, Samuel Bent

At a court held for the Corporation of Winchester the third day of March, 1815, this last Will and Testament of Simon Lauck was admitted to record.
Will Book 1. Page 181
Simon Lauck married Catherine Starr in 1782 in Pennsylvania.  She was born in 1766 in PA and died 1843 at Winchester, VA (W.VA)
The children's birth places show that Simon and Catherine had moved to Virginia by 1787 when their 3 child, Elizabeth was born.
      + 2 M     i. Simon LAUCK Jr. was born in 1784 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia,  was christened Minister, and died on 
                        5 Dec 1864 in Virginia, at age 80.  
      + 3 M  ii. Dr. Philip LAUCK was born on 17 Sep 1785 in PA and probably Lancaster Co. while his Dad was learning the gunsmith                              trade, died on 30 Sep 1821 in Sterling Bottom, Meigs County, Ohio, at age 36, and was buried in Lauck Cemetery, on                                 Lauck Farm, Ohio.  
      + 4 F  iii. Elizabeth LAUCK born on 30 Aug 1787 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia and died in 1865, at age 78.  
         5 M iv. John LAUCK was born in 1790 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia and died of typhus in Dec 1826 in Winchester,                            Frederick County, Virginia, at age 36.  John married Elizabeth CRUM (b. 1785) 30 Mar 1812 in Frederick County, Va. 
         6 M v. Jacob Miller LAUCK was born on 23 Jan 1794 in Virginia and died on 12 Oct 1875 in Winchester, Virginia, at                                               age 81.  Jacob married Comfort Wood CURLETT, daughter of Thomas CURLETT and Susannah CROCKRAN, about                              1820 in VA. Comfort was born in 1795 and died 18 Jul 1862 in Winchester, Virginia.  Jacob next married Mrs. Catherine                            GRIM after 1862.
         7 M vi. William LAUCK was born on 10 Nov 1796 in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia and died in Oct 1826 in Winchester,                          Frederick County, Virginia. Williamand his brother John, died of typhus in 1826, age 29 years, 10  months, 21 days.                                     William married Mary LANGLEY.  
There has been so much written about Simon Lauck that I can not include it all here, but I have most of it in my book.   DRYER-LAUCK-PAYNE-SCOTT, GOING HOME.  Please see Below
Copyright © 2001
by Elizabeth Dryer Humphrey
 Most of this information on the Dryer-Lauck-Payne-Scott families is from my book: - DRYER-LAUCK-PAYNE-SCOTT,  GOING HOME  Pub 1991 
For those related, I still have a few copies left for sale.  
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11.  Alford LAUCK was born 1 Jan 1806 in Virginia.  Alford married Josephine FLAG. Letter written to Byrd Lauck from William D. Lauck, Moorland, Indiana dated Sep 23, 1931.
"Grandfather: was Simon Lauck; he was a preacher. Father was Alford Lauck, born in Middletown in the Shanandoah Valley, Va.10 miles from Winchester.  Mother was born in Charles Town, 8 miles from Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Mother was Josephine Flag, she and her family lived in Bethany, Brooke County, W. Va. Names of brothersand sisters are:"   In the 1860 census the family lived in Brooke, Virginia, Post Office was Bethany.

        42 M     i. James F. LAUCK  
  43 M    ii. Edward LAUCK
  44 M   iii. Simon LAUCK  (Twin) b. 1838 Occupation was a Saddler .
  45 F    iv. Mary LAUCK   (Twin)  b. 1838
  46 F     v. Annie LAUCK
  47 M    vi. William LAUCK  b. 1843 Occupation was House Painter
  48 M   vii. John T. LAUCK
19.  Simon Washington LAUCK Sr. was born 14 Jun 1830 in Virginia and died 3 Sep 1880 in Glidden, Iowa. Simon married Sarah (Sara) Jane BALES, daughter of Moses BALES and Catherine GRAVES, 3 Apr 1851 in Summerford, Ohio. Sarah was born 3 Aug 1834 in Ohio, died 3 Sep 1921 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa, and was buried in Ioof Cemetery, Indinaola, Iowa.

  49 M  i. Fletcher Mason LAUCK was born 10 May 1852 in Springfield, Ohio and died 28 Feb 1921 in Calwell, Kansas. Fletcher married Ann SPURGEON. 
  50 F  ii. Catherine Mary LAUCK born 15 Sep 1853 in Springfield, Ohio anddied 4 Jun 1931 in National City, California. She married Samuel BOWMAN 
  51 F   iii. Mary E. LAUCK born 12 Sep 1855 Springfield, Ohio, died 25 Jul 1856. 
     + 52 M  iv. Simon Washington LAUCK Jr. born 1 Sep 1857 Springfield, Ohio, died 15 Mar 1929 Wawota, Canada. He married Estella Lydia New CULVER. 
     + 53 M  v. William Prentice LAUCK born 17 Oct 1859 Williamsville, Sangamon,Illinois and died 24 Dec 1943 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. William married Rosanna MERRITT (b. 1859, d. 26 Nov 1942) 6 Jun 1883 in Glidden, Carroll Co., Iowa.(2) 
  54 F  vi. Sarah Elizabeth LAUCK was born 26 Sep 1861 in Williamsville, Illinois anddied 4 Oct 1938 in Kijabi, Kenya Colony, British East Africa. Sarah married Robert WALDRON. 
  55 F vii. Louisa E. LAUCK was born 26 Aug 1863 in Williamsville, Illinois and died 16 Aug 1864 in ,. 
  56 F viii. Ada Jane LAUCK was born 22 Jan 1866 in Williamsville, Illinois and died 14 Feb 1949 in Saranac Lake, New York. 
  57 F ix. Ida Rose LAUCK was born 3 Feb 1868 in Glidden, Iowa and died 30 Jun 1892 in Glidden, Iowa. Ida married Lewis NOBLE. 
     + 58 F x. Laura Etta LAUCK was born 21 Aug 1871 in Glidden, Iowa and died 8 Aug 1963 in Chariton, Iowa.  Laura married Aquilla MOON (b. 27 May 1872, d. 25 Apr 1930) 4 Jul 1893 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. 
  59 M  xi. Christie Collins LAUCK born 27 Apr 1875 Glidden, Iowa, d. 23 Aug 1952 in Jackson, Wyoming.Christie married Margaret VANDERBERG. 
  60 F   xii. Minnie Estella LAUCK was born 2 Aug 1878 in Glidden, Iowa.  Minnie married Jesse T. HARDING. 
22.  Ezrael Grover LAUCK was born 24 Sep 1810 in Winchester, Frederick County, 
       Virginia and died after 1880 in Wood Twp, Carroll County, Missouri. 

  Ezrael married Rachel HALL, daughter of John HALL and Sarah HAYHURST, 14 Oct 
      1834 in Meigs County, Ohio. Rachel was born in 1813 in Old Town, Meigs 
      County, Ohio, died 28 Jan 1877 in Wood Twp, Carroll County, Missouri, and 
      was buried in Big Creek Cemetery, Carroll County, Missouri.

  68  i. Jannette LAUCK was born in 1835 in Meigs County, Ohio. 
  69 ii. Permelia LAUCK was born in 1837 in Meigs County, Ohio. 
       Permelia married William BARBER. William was born in 1836.
 70 iii. Philip LAUCK was born in 1838 in Meigs County, Ohio. 
     +71 iv. Ezrael LAUCK was born 22 Apr 1840 in Meigs County, Ohio, 
died 9 Aug 1921 in Barton County, Missouri, and was buried in 
Nashville Cemetery, Nashville, Missouri. Ezrael married Martha 
Jane SHINN (b. 7 Sep 1847, d. 24 Jul 1904) 23 Aug 1863 in, 
Carroll County, Missouri. 
     +72 v. Francis G LAUCK was born in 1843 in Meigs County, Ohio. 
Francis married Margarett ---- (b. 1848). 
       73 vi. Ruthy Ann LAUCK was born in 1845 in Meigs County, Ohio, died 12 
                   Feb 1879 in Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri, and was 
                   buried in Big Creek Cemetery, Carroll County, Missouri. 
Ruthy married John B. SHINN, son of Isaac SHINN Jr. and Love (Lovey)
BARTLETT, in , Carroll County, Missouri. John was born 15 Jul 1843 
             in Clinton County, Ohio.
     +74vii. James B. A. LAUCK born 1848 Carroll County, Missouri. James married
 Martha CONNOR (b. 1847) about 1870 in , Carroll County, Missouri. 
  75 viii. Mary A. LAUCK was born in 1849 in Carroll County, Missouri. 
     +76 ix. Hiram A. LAUCK was born in 1854 in Carroll County, Missouri. 
Hiram married Mary E. AGARD. 

  Ezrael next married Addie (Nee ?) SAMPSON 19 Sep 1878 in Carroll County, 
      Missouri. Addie was born in 1827.  No children issue.
25.  Hannah Grover LAUCK was born 19 Sep 1817 in Portland, Meigs County, Ohio 
       and died 5 Oct 1854 in Portland, Lebanon Twp, Ohio. 

  Hannah married Nicholas Sims RICHARDSON, son of George RICHARDSON and Antiqua  ----, 22 Oct 1836 in , Meigs County, Ohio. Nicholas was born in 1815 in 
      Scotland and died in Feb 1923 in Hancock County, West Virginia.

  100 i. Ezra Grover RICHARDSON was born in 1841 in Portland, Meigs 
                   County, Ohio, died 9 Feb 1845 in Meigs County, Ohio, and was 
                   buried in Lauck Cemetery, Portland, Ohio. 
  101 ii. Samuel Grover RICHARDSON was born in 1841 in Portland, Meigs 
                   County, Ohio, died 20 Feb 1845 in Portland, Meigs County, 
                   Ohio, and was buried in Lauck Cemetery, Lauck Farm, Ohio. 
  102 iii. Reuben RICHARDSON was born in 1845 in Ohio. 
  103 iv. Ruth J. RICHARDSON was born in 1848 in Portland, Meigs County, 
                   Ohio and died in 1923 in Sterling Bottom, Meigs County, Ohio. 
  + 104 v. Ezra RICHARDSON was born 22 Feb 1848 in Portland, Ohio and 
                   died in Feb 1923 in Handcock County, West Virginia. Ezra married. 
The above photo is of Simon and his 2nd wife Rematha Leeds 
Back Row: Bertha May, Emily Rematha, Frederick Grant, Simon Madison Jr. Mary Olive
Middle Row: Orville Asberry, Ora Ellen
Front Row: William T. Sherman, Simon Madison Lauck Sr., wf Rematha (Leeds), Sarah Jane
26.  Elizabeth Boyer LAUCK was born 11 Aug 1820 in Portland, Meigs County, Ohio,
 died 1 Aug 1898 in Portland, Meigs County, Ohio, and was buried in Lauck
 Cemetery, Portland, Ohio. 

From David S. Raese 6-2006 in his descendant chart he sent me about Elizabeth Lauck:
"She is said to have prized an old black shawl, her "war treasure."  During the Civil War, Morgan's Raiders rode through town after a daring raid through Ohio.  They forded the Ohio river nearby the Amsden farm in an attempt to enter (West) Virginia.  The battle of Buffington Island resulted, a Rebel route.  Morgan's Raiders were notorious for looting Union towns they occupied and she quickly prepared her house by hiding the family valuables.  When one Rebel soldier dismounted from his horse in front of her house, he removed a bundle from his saddlebags and threw it down, spilling silver out on the ground.  Silverware, a silver tea service, trays, etc.  The stolen war loot was wrapped in a black shawl, which the rebel soldier left behind when he rode away.  She saved it, and years later often retold the story of her exciting brush with the war. (This story was passed down in the Price family as well as the Haworth family.)

  Elizabeth married James Flower (Haworth Line) AMSDEN 18 Aug 1836 in , Meigs 
      County, Ohio. James was born 17 Aug 1809 in Onedia, New York, died 18 Dec 
      1851 in Meigs County, Ohio, and was buried in Lauck Cemetery, Portland, 
 and Some of His Descendants,
With Some Memoranda Concerning
Several Families Connected With
   the Haworths by Marriage

  James Rodgers Haworth
Huntington, West Virginia

         A Genealogy of the Amsden Family, June 8, 1654 to April 8, 1894, was printed by Lee F. Richardson at the office of the Livonia Gaxette, Livonia, N.Y., April 17, 1894.  This publication does not contain the name of any of the Amsden family connected by marriage with the Lauck family of Ohio.  Murray M. Brown, 35 High Street, Athol, Mass., is the author of a mimeographed Amsden family history, a copy of which is in the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.  The writer of the present genealogy had had no opportunity to inspect it.  The following information was supplied by Harriet Elizabeth Amsden.
Page 94

       1.  James Flower Amsden, born in 1810, died in December 1851, married Elizabeth
Boyer Lauck August 18, 1836.  She was born August 11, 1820, and died  
August 1, 1898.  Their children were:
       2.  Hannah Louise Amsden, born in Ohio May 5, 1837, married Samuel Milton
Haworth, and died at Huntington, West Virginia, April 4, 1904.  She is
buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington with her husband.
       2.  Mary Ann Lauck Amsden, born Nov 1839, married ___ Price, 
and died June 22, 1910.
       2.  Ruthie Jane Amsden, born July 24, 1842, and died October 4, 1881.
       2.  Harriet Elizabeth Amsden, born February 3, 1844, spent most of her life at her
 home in Syracuse, Meigs county, Ohio, and died at Huntington, W.Va, 
April 23, 1928
       2.  Hiram Asbury Amsden, born March 18, 1846, went to Wyoming and lived there
until his death January 5, 1900.
       2.  James Francis Amsden, born April 29, 1849, and died February 12, 1920, 
on his farm in Meigs county, Ohio.
       The following additional information concerning the Amsden family in Ohio was
 supplied in 1931 by Mrs. Charles E. Hogg of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

       James Flower Amsden's sisters were as follows:  Julia Ann, who married Thomas Hawkins, Mrs. Hogg's grandfather; Lucy, who married Jacob Lauck; Elvira, who married Lindsey Maupin; Sarah, who married _______Thompson; Zylphia, who married Hugh Brown; Eliza, who married Andrew Byng.
       James Flower Amsden's children were Hiram, Hannah, Harriet, Ruthie and James.
  105 i. Hannah Louise AMSDEN was born 5 May 1837 Sterling Bottom, Meigs Co.,
 Ohio, died 4 Apr 1904 in Huntington, West Virginia, and was buried in
 Spring Hill Cemetery In Huntington W/Husband. Hannah married 
 Dr. Samuel Milton HAWORTH. Samuel was buried in Spring Hill 
Cemetery  In Huntington.
  106 ii. Mary Ann AMSDEN was born in Nov 1838 in Sterling Bottom, Ohio 
                   and died 22 Jun 1910 in Ohio. Mary married Samuel A. PRICE, son of
Merideth PRICE and Catherine BARRINGER, in Ohio. Samuel was born in
1835 and died in 1914.
  107 iii. Ruthie Jane AMSDEN was born 24 Jul 1842 in Ohio and died 4 Oct 
                   1881 in Racine, Ohio. 
  108 iv. Harriet Elizabeth AMSDEN was born 3 Feb 1844 in Meigs County, 
                   Ohio and died 23 Apr 1928 in Huntington, West Virginia. 
  109 v. Dr. Hiram Asbury AMSDEN was born 18 Mar 1847 in Sterling Bottom, 
                   Meigs County, Ohio and died 5 Jan 1900 in Wyoming. 
  110 vi. James Francis AMSDEN was born 29 Apr 1849 in Sterling Bottom, 
                   Meigs County, Ohio and died 12 Feb 1920 on His Farm In Meigs 
                   County, Ohio. James married Frances STARKEY. 
More about 
Elizabeth Amsden  CLICK
38.  John H. LAUCK was born in 1818 and died 3 Jul 1876. John married Margaret ----
after 1839 in , Frederick County, Virginia. Margaret was born in 1821 in England.
  111  i. Joseph G. LAUCK was born in 1841 in Virginia. 
  112 ii. Mary I LAUCK was born in 1844 in Virginia. 
  113 iii. James F. LAUCK was born in 1846 in Virginia. 
  114 iv. Anne E. LAUCK was born in 1848 in Virginia. 

  John next married Harriet Cornelia HATCHER, daughter of Jesse HATCHER and 
      Anna Maria MILLER, 2 Mar 1845 in Uniontown, Fultonham County, 
      Ohio. Harriet was born 29 Jan 1829 and died 22 Feb 1894 in Ohio.
  + 115  i. Isaac Asbury LAUCK was born 2 Mar 1846 and died 8 Oct 1925. 
       Isaac married Louise WILES (b. 8 Oct 1851, d. 15 Nov 1899) 15 Jul 1867. 
  + 116 ii. Jesse Gilbert LAUCK was born 10 Sep 1848 and died 9 Jun 1893. 

       Jesse married Cynthia Ann CRINER (b. 8 Apr 1849, d. 26 Feb 1899) 7 Jan 1869. 
  117  iii. Anna Maria LAUCK was born in 1851 and died in Aug 1885. 
  118 iv. Mary Elizabeth LAUCK was born 24 Mar 1854 and died 20 Apr 1877. 
I have several more generations in my  family tree.  I would be glad to share with you.  Please email at:   or
Generation 3
Generation 4 
52.  Simon Washington LAUCK Jr. was born 1 Sep 1857 in Springfield, Ohio and 
       died 15 Mar 1929 in Wawota, Canada. Simon married Estella Lydia New CULVER. 

  119 i. Charlie LAUCK was born 23 Jun 1884 and died in 1885. 
  120 ii. Laren Ray LAUCK.  Laren married Cecelia Isabel New GREENBANK. 
  121 iii. Vera May LAUCK. 
  122 iv. Edith Claire LAUCK. 
53.  William Prentice LAUCK was born 17 Oct 1859 in Williamsville, Sangamon , 
        Illinois and died 24 Dec 1943 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. William married
 Rosanna MERRITT, daughter of George Harold MERRITT and Mary Ann GRIM, 
 6 Jun 1883 in Glidden, Carroll Co., Iowa. Rosanna was born in 1859 in Ohio and
 died 26 Nov 1942 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa.

  123 i. Ada Blanche LAUCK born 24 Jun 1884 Glidden, Iowa,died 21 Aug 1970. 
  124 ii. George William LAUCK born 24 Mar 1886 Glidden, Carroll Co., Iowa 
and died 24 Jun 1968 Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. Married 
Bessie Pearl BITTING 14 Feb 1912 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa.
  125 iii. Lottie May LAUCK born 23 Jan 1888 Glidden, Carroll Co., Iowa. She
married Fred W. KLINE  27 Nov 1920 Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. 
  126 iv. Lee Roy LAUCK was born 6 Apr 1890 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa 
                   (2) and died 24 Nov 1918 in Sioux City, Iowa. 
58.  Laura Etta LAUCK was born 21 Aug 1871 in Glidden, Iowa and died 8 Aug 1963 
in Chariton, Iowa. Laura married Aquilla MOON, son of Jacob MOON and
Lydia WRIGHT, 4 Jul 1893 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. Aquilla was born 
27 May 1872 in Palmyra, Warren County, Iowa and died 25 Apr 1930.

  127 i. Mildred Jewel MOON was born in Oct. 
  128 ii. Ada May MOON born 19 Jul 1894 Lucas, Iowa,
died 26 Dec 1914 Des Moines, Iowa. 
  129 iii. Aura Inez MOON was born 23 May 1896 in Indianola, Warren Co., 
                   Iowa and died 15 Dec 1918 in Edenburg, Texas. 
Aura married John NEUBAUER. 
  130 iv. Laura Alma MOON.  Laura married Clem ADCOCK. 
  131 v. Maude Evelyn MOON was born 19 Sep 1899 in Indianola, Warren Co., 
                   Iowa and died 19 Feb 1912 in Springhill, Iowa. 
  132 vi. Pearl Marie MOON born 21 Nov 1900 Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa, died
15 Dec 1984 Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. She Albert Leo FRAZIER.
  133 F   vii. Eula Velma MOON born 2 Mar 1910 in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa
and died in 1987 in Chariton, Iowa.  Eula married Ray C. Mc VAY. 
  134 viii. Therma Cleora MOON. Therma married Ambrose Larsons CLEVENGER. 
 135 ix. Rev. Delmar Lindley MOON born 4 Apr 1913 Des Moines, Iowa, died in
1940 in Des Monies, Iowa, married Margie BARTH. 
61.  Hoyt Sherman LAUCK, married Una Belle CHENEY before 1890. 

     Their child was:
   + 136  i. Esther Bointa LAUCK was born 6 May 1909 in Allen Co., Ohio, 
                   died 25 Nov 1996 in Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio, and was 
                   buried in Maple Grove Cemetary, Findlay. 
Esther married Harold Clendaniel ALBRIDGE (b. 9 Apr 1907, 
d. 2 Mar 1987) 4 Jul 1927 in Kentucky. 
More on this family  Click
71.  Ezrael LAUCK born 22 Apr 1840 in Meigs County, Ohio, died 9 Aug 1921 Barton
 County, Missouri, and was buried in Nashville Cemetery, Nashville, Missouri. 
Ezrael married Martha Jane SHINN, daughter of Isaac SHINN Jr. and Love 
      (Lovey) BARTLETT, 23 Aug 1863 in , Carroll County, Missouri. Martha was 
      born 7 Sep 1847 in Clinton County, Ohio, died 24 Jul 1904 in Barton 
      County, Missouri, and was buried in Nashville Cemetery, Nashville, Missouri.
  Ezra was born in Ohio but his father,in 1848, moved them to Hurrican
Twp., Carroll County, Missouri, where he married Mary Jane Shinn in 1863. 
He is listed in the 1876 Carroll County Atlas as being born inMeigs County,
Ohio, a farmer around Carrollton, and came to Missouri in 1848, 4 years
after his brother, Simon M. Lauck.  By 1880 Ezra is in Linn County, Kansas,
with his wife and 5 children.  In the 1900 census, they are in Barton County,
Southwest Twp with their son, Ezekiel and hiswife, Edna M. Dye.

 "Ezra Lauck was born in Meigs County, Ohio, April 22, 1840. Died August  9, 
1921, being 81 years, 3 months, 17 days old at the time of death.  The funeral 
services were held in the Nashville Christian Church,  conducted by Rev. O.C. 
Johnson, and interment was made in the Nashville  Cemetery beside his wife, who 
passed away 17 years ago, July 23, 1904.  When a small boy he moved with his 
parents to Carroll County, Missouri,  growing to young manhood there.  He was 
united in marriage to Martha J. Shinn, August 24, 1863. To this  union five 
children were born, Mrs. R. A. Schneider, H. R. Lauck, H.H.  Lauck, Mrs. Neda 
Kirby and E.E. Lauck.  In 1881 he moved with his family to a farm in Barton 
County, Missouri, 7  miles east of Pittsburg, Kansas. All children settled in 
the same  neighborhood and all reside on the same Rural Route out of Pittsburg. 
Besides his children he is survived by 21 grandchildren and 12 great  
grandchildren, all living in the same vicinity, except one who is in the  
United States Navy. Three brothers and two sisters, F.G. Lauck, McCune,  
Kansas, James B. Lauck, Carrollton, Missouri, H.A. Lauck, Pleasanton,  Kansas, 
Mrs. Parnelia Barbee, Carrollton, Missouri, Mrs. R. A. Bowlware,  Bosworth, 
Missouri. Owing to the age and infirmity of the brothers and  sisters none but 
F. G. and H.A. Lauck were able to attend the funeral.  He has been in poor 
health for several years, having suffered a paralytic  stroke about two years 
ago and his death was not unexpected.  At the time of his death he was living 
on the old home place with his  eldest son, H.R. Lauck.  He was christened into 
the Methodist Church when a small child. He served  six months in the Missouri 
National Guards during the Civil War.  He was well known and liked in the 
community where he lived. Was always a  kind father and will be greatly missed 
by all."

"Ezra Lauck was born in Meigs County, Ohio, April 22, 1840. Died August
9, 1921, being 81 years, 3 months, 17 days old at the time of death.
The funeral services were held in the Nashville Christian Church,
conducted by Rev. O.C. Johnson, and interment was made in the Nashville
Cemetery beside his wife, who passed away 17 years ago, July 23, 1904.

  137 i Robert LAUCK 
  138 ii Eli Y. LAUCK 
  139 iii Rachel A. LAUCK was born 12 Aug 1866 in Carroll County, Missouri
      and died 10 Oct 1934 in Missouri. Rachel married John SCHNEIDER
(b. Abt 1865, d. 27 Feb 1940) 25 Mar 1885 in , Barton County, MO. 
    + 140 iv. Haskel R. LAUCK was born 12 Oct 1867 in Carroll County, Missouri,
died 18 Dec 1947 in Barton County, Missouri. Haskel married 
Rose E. ROBERDS. Haskel next married Nancy MARVELL. 
    + 141 v. Henry Newton LAUCK was born 4 Mar 1871 in Carroll County, Missouri, died 16 Nov 1941 in Barton County, Missouri, and was 
buried 18 Nov 1941 in Nashville Cemetery, Nashville, Missouri.  
Henry married Camley Elizabeth SCOTT (b. 29 Mar 1882, d. 30 Jan 1953) 
7 Nov 1899 in Blue Jacket  Indian Terr., Barton County, Missouri. 
     + 142 vi. Almeda LAUCK was born 24 Aug 1872 in Carroll County, Missouri,
died 14 Jun 1939 in Barton County, Missouri. 
Almeda married William KIRBY. 
    + 143 vii. Ezekeil Eli LAUCK was born 8 Oct 1876 in Carroll County, Missouri
and died 4 Jul 1935 in Barton County, Missouri. 
 Ezekeil married Edna DYE (b. 1877)2 Nov 1898 Barton County, Missouri. 
Henry Lauck & Camely Scott 
Wedding Photo  1899
Ezra and Martha Lauck Family:  
Rachel, Henry, Ezekiel, Haskel  & Almeda 
1885 Pittsburg, Missouri
I am related as follows:
Dr Philip Lauck
       Simon Madison Lauck (and Rematha Leeds)
             William T Sherman Lauck (and Melvina Purdy)
                    George Astor Lauck (and Alberta Mae Gilliam)
                           Nicole Gayle Lauck (and Paul Miller)
                                  Carly Anne Miller (Me)
       Carly Josephson
The only thing I can see wrong is that you have Salome Briggs married to James - that is wrong.  Virgil was married to Ruby B. Bergen had son Walter James Lauck (Jimmy), then divorces, married my grandmother Salome ( you have her as Saloma) and they had my mother Henrietta Eleanor Lauck (now Luttrell). Walter James Lauck  married Shelah M. Bracken and had two children (that I know of)  Karl Lauck and Sharon Lauck.
3.  Dr. Philip LAUCK M.D. was born 17 Sep 1785 in Lancaster/York Co., PA.  He went to Ohio 1811/12, died 30 Sep 1821 in Sterling Bottom, Meigs County, Ohio, and was buried in Lauck Cemetery, Lauck Farm, Ohio. Philip married Ruth HOGE, daughter of Hannah HOGE  4 Jan 1808 in FrederickCounty, Virginia . Ruth was born in 1788 in Frederick Co., Virginia, She married as a Grover, died Betw 1850-1860 in Meigs County, Ohio, buried in Lauck Cemetery, On the Lauck farm in Sterling Bottom, Portland, Ohio.
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